If I live in a time zone other than the Eastern, do I need to calculate when programs will air in my area according to Eastern time? / Programs seem to be airing at a different time than indicated by my local listings and your web site. Why?

If you are a cable TV subscriber just check our Web sites' TV Listings and click on your time zone to get accurate listings for your area.

However, satellite TV providers such as DirecTV and Dish Network broadcast the same program feed no matter which time zone their customers are in. That means that you DO need to calculate the airing of A&E, Lifetime, and History programs based on Eastern time.

Our primetime programming is broadcast twice each night in a block running from 8pm - 12 midnight, and then repeating from 12 midnight to 4 am Eastern time. Therefore, a program scheduled for 8pm and midnight Eastern time, will air for satellite customers at 5pm and 9pm Pacific time (Pacific time being 3 hours behind Eastern). Your satellite receiver's program guide should reflect the actual time in your area when programs will be broadcast, so that will be your best guide, rather than a newspaper or Web site.

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